Albatrosses of New Zealand 2010

Photos by Niklas Holmström, Sweden

Hauraki Gulf: Half day pelagic and return ferry to Tiritiri Matangi; Cook Strait: Ferry Crossing from Wellington to Picton; Kaikoura: 2 x 2,5 hours pelagics; Foveaux Strait: return ferry crossing to Stewart Island; Stewart Island; half day pelagic.
Me photographing Giant Petrels off Kaikoura on 20th November 2010. Photo: Leif-Åke Josefsson, Sweden.
Dramatic view with Seaward Kaikoura Range as backdrop and a single Northern Royal Albatross (left), Salvin's Albatross and a Westland Petrel.
A huge Northern Royal Albatross with a wingspan up to 3,5 metre! Highly efficient in the air, using dynamic soaring, which is true for all albatrosses.
Northern Royal Albatross, which reach a wingspan similar to Wandering Albatross. Seaward Kaikoura Range in background.
A magnificent Northern Royal Albatross.
Wandering Albatross.
Wandering Albatross.
Wandering Albatross. An amazing bird in many aspects!
Wandering Albatross in company with a Snares Cape Petrel at its right wing tip.
A beautiful adult Salvin's Albatross, which belongs to the group of medium sized albatrosses, with a wingspan up to 2,5 metre.
Salvin's Albatross
Immature Salvin's Albatross.
Adult White-capped Albatross, which is slightly larger than Salvin's.
Adult White-capped Albatross sweeping by in rather high speed.
Adult White-capped Albatross.
Two approaching White-capped Albatrosses, an immature to left and an adult to right. And a Snares Cape Petrel is about to land.
A White-capped Albatross showing its elegance in air!
White-capped Albatross!
White-capped Albatross.
White-capped Albatrosses in formation off Stewart Island.
White-capped Albatrosses off Stewart Island.
A nice freezed moment of three White-capped Albatrosses off Stewart Island.
White-capped Albatross an part of Stewart Island in background.
A White-capped Albatross just hanging alongside the fishing boat off Stewart Island.
Kelvin from Christchurch may wonder where are those famous albatrosses to be seen.
White-capped Albatrosses waiting for fish offal to be thrown overboard.
White-capped Albatrosses and Red-billed Gulls wolf down every piece of fish double-quick!
White-capped Albatross and its lovely head colouration and pattern. Striking and charismatic.
A lovely White-capped Albatross.
An adult Salvin's Albatross in background and a White-capped in front.
A huge but beautiful Wandering Aöbatross. Resembles of a turkey on water, so to speak.
A curious Northern Royal Albatross at sea off Kaikoura.
Immature Salvin's Albatross.
Wandering Albatross with a background that breath fairy tales from ancient days.
The small boat at Kaikoura (with knowledgeable skipper Gary Melville) were just perfect for getting close to albatrosses and seabirds. Here a Wandering Albatross and Dominic photographing a Salvin's Albatross. The Giant Petrels is quite huge too. Among the Snares Cape Petrels there is also a much whiter Southern Cape Petrel, just behind the Wandering.
Fighting about the food. In all four Wandering Albatrosses, of which two are immatures. The birds were calling frequently and the Giant Petrels are not great vocalist.
Two Wandering Albatrosses probably knowing each other as they had a nice chat, surrounded by Northern Giant Petrels (young ones to the right showing all dark eyes).
Immature White-capped Albatross with Snares Cape Petrels.
Immature Salvin's Albatross.
A blurry pic of a beautiful Buller's Albatross, which belongs to the group of "smaller" albatrosses.
All photos by Niklas Holmström